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Ducati Hypermotard 12v Motorbike

Ducati Hyper 12V

Ducati Hypermotard 12v Motorcycle

This rich red Ducati is full of details such as exposed trellis frame, large exhaust pipes, twin cylinder engine and carbon fibre effect styles.

Removable stabilisers and kickstand, rubber EVA tyres, front fork with anti-erosion body, anti-slip rubber handlebars.

large comfortable seat with an easy push start button for kids aged 3+ years.

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With Peg Perego, you can tell it is worth more.

Acceleration to almost 8 km/h on any terrain that will introduce your child to the thrill of speed. Ducati Hypermotard can travel at two speeds: high or low. You choose the speed using a button located on tank under the seat. The Ducati approved helmet produced by Peg Perego, is a must-have safety accessory that helps teach your child about road rules. Ducati Hypermotard is easy to drive. You rotate the handle bar twist grip to accelerate, and press the brake lever located behind the right foot rest with your foot to brake. The lacquered handlebar guarantees power and stability during off-road trips. With its accommodating design, anyone can comfortably drive this incredible Ducati. Your child's legs, arms and trunk have suitable space, whatever their size.

Easy to drive even on the most uneven terrain.

The adventure is more fun when it is comfortable as well. With its rubber wheel and high chassis, the Ducati Hypermotard can face all types of terrain even the most uneven, for kilometres and kilometres. Ducati Hypermotard has all the features needed for complete fun!

• Handlebar coated in anti-slip rubber and enveloping hand protectors to ensure that hands and fingers are safe even from the side.

• Stabilising wheels (removable) for young drivers who still need to perfect their performance.

• Large anatomical seat decorated with a "grip" effect.

• Rubber tread for excellent grip

• Front fork with an anti-erosion body for long life.

It is also equipped with a powerful horn and an enormous front headlight that reflects light to give the impression of a real headlight. A false ignition key in front of the tank allows your little one to play at starting the engine.

Made-in-Peg Perego quality and safety.

The quality of Peg Perego products is reflected in the details that guarantee safety. Ducati Hypermotard features a sealed base to protect the driver from electric wires and tampering and to protect the vehicle from water, mud and sand. The 12V/8Ah battery is located in the unit under the seat and is protected by a child proof battery lock. The battery can be recharged using a household electrical socket, either whilst it is in the vehicle or after removal. Comes equipped with battery charger and battery.



Technical Info

Shipping dimensions 116cm(L) x 67cm(W) x 40cm(H)

Motor 2 x 165W

Top speed 4.5mph

Brand Peg Perego

Rider Age 3-8 Years

Battery 1 x 12V/8Ah

Product dimensions 114cm(L) x 66cm(W) x 70cm(H)

Shipping weight 20.5kg

Warrant 6 Months

Assembly time approximately 30 Minutes

Using a tape measure or length of string; the head should be measure at a point approximately one inch (2.54 cm) above the eyebrows, horizontally around the largest part of the head. The measurement should be taken several times to confirm the largest measurement.

Refer the measurement to the sizing chart.

If measurement is between helmet sizes opt for smaller size.