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Auto Parts Washer & Degreaser 90L (20 gallons)

Parts Washer

Designed for degreasing & cleaning auto components

Internal pump continually circulates cleaning fluid through the directional flexi nozzle

Domestic electric supply 230v/50hz solvent pump operation

Self-closing fusible linked hinged cover in case of fire

Ample 90L capacity

Useful addition to any workshop  

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  • Details
  • Floor standing auto parts washer & degreaser
  • Robust steel construction
  • Removable internal component work shelf
  • Small parts solvent immersion basket
  • Domestic 230v/50hz solvent pump operation
  • Self-closing fusible linked hinged  cover in case of fire
  • Non removable moulded three pin plug
  • Solvent recirculation 10-12 L/min
  • Tank capacity: 90L (20 gallons)
  • Solvent capacity: 50L (12 gallons)

When using solvents; advise use in well ventilated area with safety glasses & gloves

Using a tape measure or length of string; the head should be measure at a point approximately one inch (2.54 cm) above the eyebrows, horizontally around the largest part of the head. The measurement should be taken several times to confirm the largest measurement.

Refer the measurement to the sizing chart.

If measurement is between helmet sizes opt for smaller size.